Startup Counseling 101 – Don’t Start A Business Until You Read This

Perhaps you wanted to start a business because you see the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur in social media. Or perhaps you knew many people who are making a good amount of money with their entrepreneurial skills. Or maybe you know someone living a luxurious life due to the companies they run. And because you want what these people have, you tell yourself that you can also make it because they made it.


Honestly, that is a good sign that you are looking at a different perspective. With that mentality, you can gain confidence and self-awareness. However, starting up a business doesn’t happen overnight. There are lots of things you need to consider to come up with a better business plan. You don’t just go, choose, and copy a business that you know nothing about. So here are the warning signs that you need to pay attention to because these things can determine that you might not be ready in business just yet.

Don’t Start A Business If You’re Broke.

All businesses require financial needs, and some successful companies spend almost all their wealth on creating one. If you do not have enough money, do not start a business. Any business requires a lot of time to mature and generate profit. Therefore, if you think you will get a lot of cash once you opened up a business, you are wrong. A business doesn’t generate instant financial stability. If you get lucky, your business might generate income after six months or a year. If there are obstacles and your business is taking the steps slowly, it might generate an income not after two to three years, depending on its situation in the market. Business owners do not make a profit until many years.


Don’t Start A Business That You Know Nothing About

You should not start a business when you don’t understand the industry. It does not mean that you will also do good because other people are good at doing something. To make money in every business industry, you have to understand what’s in it for you. If you don’t know the industry, don’t jump into it. But if it is something that you are more than willing to take the risk and learn, then that is the time you can convince yourself to engage. But if you don’t like or love what you are doing and you are only into business just because you saw someone making rounds of money over it, you will fail your business sand yourself. However, it would be great even to have a little idea of how that particular industry operates. Ask yourself if you can contribute something to that business you want to startup and learn something out from scratch.

Don’t Start A Business If You Are Weak.

Yes. Before starting up a business, you need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally tough. That way, you can endure pain and misery for a long period. You need to determine what are the prices you are willing to take to accomplish your desired success. Remember that almost all entrepreneurs experienced all sorts of physical, mental, and emotional pain, and not every one of them conquered it. Some of them struggled only to get a small portion of success. If you are open to taking that risk, then you can proceed to start a business. But if you think you couldn’t handle it, then better not start a business just yet. The learning curve of a business is steep, and it takes a few heartaches, frustrations, exhaustion before you can get a sense of what you are genuinely doing. There are many consequences in business that might put you in an unfortunate situation and can entirely damage your overall well-being.


Don’t Start A Business if You Want More Free Time.

Everyone discusses the good things in starting up a business, but nobody talks about its dark side. If you think that starting up a business can give you a lot of free time, you are kidding yourself. Your business can take so much of your time almost your entire life. So if you think that you can quit your job just because you opened one, you are making things complicated. A business can only guarantee your free time once it lasted for about a decade. The first few years of investing in it, you wouldn’t get anything. Running your own business is far more a nine-to-five job because it is on your mind 24/7. It can deprive you of sleep, make you care for yourself less, complicate your relationship with other people, etc. Starting up a business requires all your energy and time.


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