Building Your Online Presence DIY Style

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I have been attending conferences like the 2018 Marketing Summit for several years now. The first time I did it, it was because I had no money to hire an online marketing team for my startup business. There was not much profit coming in; I could not even afford to get a secretary.

Despite that, a speaker in one of those marketing events made me think about my situation. Why should I keep on looking for what I don’t have instead of using the tools I have?

Here’s how you can build your online presence DIY style.

Use The Social Media Channels You Understand
The first thing is to use your social media channels to promote your business. If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, for instance, you can post shareable information there. It can be in the form of texts, videos, live videos, and images. The friends and family members who are already connected to you online will undoubtedly share your posts to help you out.

Source: rawpixel.com

Start A Vlog Channel
Many influencers with successful businesses these days started by creative vlogs on YouTube. They did not talk about their business at once; they mostly did whatever the trend was at the time. This type of online marketing does not need to cost much; instead, it may even allow you to earn money.

Don’t Feel Scared Of Showing Your ‘Human’ Side
Consumers are incredibly empathetic, in the sense that they lean towards brands with a backstory. These people want to know the owner’s beginnings and how they have gotten where they are now. Because of that, you should never be afraid to talk about your business journey.

Final Thoughts
The reality is that not every businessman—or woman—has rich folks offering to invest in them. Often, your money goes to production, and there is very little cash left for marketing. If you stick to your guns and follow the tips above, though, it may not take long before your brand becomes a household name.

Good luck!

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