Kitchen Witch Bone Broth

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Kitchen Witch was started from the love in three women’s hearts, an idea for societal impact, and a passion for food. Each woman wanted to provide a service of deep nourishment to her community, and be able to pour her heart into what she did every day. With that, Kitchen Witch was formed.

Kitchen Witch stems from a collective background in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Two founders, Magali Brecke LAc. and Rhiannon Henry LAc. were already making broth on their own for their immediate community members, and founder Missy Woolstenhlume brought the administrative experience to the table. Together, their individual lights shine even more brightly. You can feel and taste that light, passion and dedication in each and every jar of broth we make.

Kitchen Witch is dedicated to changing the way we eat, bringing awareness to the health of ourselves and our planet, and building a foundational resource upon which our community can thrive.