Over its seven years to date, over 370 businesses have entered the Challenge.  In 2016, a record 81 businesses entered the Challenge, and 26 advanced to the Final Round.  All of the seven previous winners of the Venture division are still active businesses, and they have raised more than $2,500,000 in funding.  Two of the previous winners, Yoderm (2012) and HeavyConnect (2016), have been accepted into 500 Startups, a world-renowned Silicon Valley accelerator.  Main Street winners who have gone on to launch successful businesses include Katie’s Cold Press in Watsonville, Luma Yoga in Santa Cruz, New Bohemian Beer in Santa Cruz, Open Ground Studios in Seaside, and the Carmel Honey Company in Carmel.

International Proof Systems, LLC

Address 911 Washington St. Louis Missouri 63101 Phone: 314-452-6880 Website: http://www.internationalproofsystems.com/index.html


International PROOF Systems, LLC (IPS) was founded in 2010 as a start-up and registered with the state of Missouri in 2013. International PROOF Systems (IPS) has a mission to improve current processes through advanced technology, of which we are currently improving the process of validating auto insurance, vehicle registration, and improving the time that it takes to locate a vehicle in the instance of an emergency, through the world’s first computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags.

PROOF Smart Tags bridges the infrastructure between the Auto Insurance Industry, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Law Enforcement to improve compliance, increase revenue, cut cost, create jobs, and ultimately make auto insurance and vehicle registration affordable for all motorists, from state to state and nation to nation.