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    2015 Phoenix Digital Summit: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

    There are many things that every entrepreneur must learn to embrace if they want to succeed in the field of business. One of the tips that I learned during the successful 2015 phoenix digital summit is the fact that every businessperson needs to embrace the different advancements in technology to ensure that he can take his company to the next level. Whether you like it or not, the truth is you have no choice but to go digital for the sake of your firm’s success in a competitive market.     Below are some of the tips and tricks to remember if you want to use digital advertising or online…

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    A Beginner’s Guide To Marketing With LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a platform founded in the last quarter of 2002 as a practical means for businesses, either family- or company-owned, to make their brand message and services known to more people. Though it began as a small project, the determination of the folks behind it allowed the website to become the ultimate networking space for professionals. In truth, their hard work has been significantly rewarded as it now has over 100 million active users and a market value of approximately 26 billion dollars. Nevertheless, the success of the platform to attract companies and professionals, young and old, to maintain an account on the site does not lie on such…

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    Managing Risks: What Factors Affect Your Start-Ups

    Venturing into start-ups comes with several risks. There is never a guarantee for the start-up’s success. People create start-ups with only one aim: to be successful in the future. Some succeed, but others still fall to failure because of certain factors. Check out these 5 factors that can affect your Start-Ups. Your Idea’s Significance In creating a start-up, considering the product or service is vital.  It should be beneficial to the current culture of the society. Check if your idea is too old for use to some or too advanced that only a certain few can truly appreciate its value. Take the time to research on currently in-demand products or…

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    How To Educate Your Customers (Grow Your Business)

    Many businesses are not into the idea of educating their customers for fear of losing prospective buyers.  They think that customers who get so much information would search other suppliers, and would eventually lose them.  But actually, it’s the other way around if you believe that your product is what your customer is looking for.

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    Five Reasons Why Your Business Venture Might Fail

    I thought that starting a business is not a problem as long as I got my capital.  But my failures proved me wrong.  I’d put up quite a number of businesses since I got out of college with the idea that I would make it big in a year.   That was my goal.  I was so enthusiastic and optimistic.  I can feel that it was the right business for me.  But in just three months, I closed it down for I got no client.

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    Display Your Products On Trade Show

    My mother was one of the best bespoke tailors in our town, and she hated it when RTW started to boom and claimed its place in the market.  But she never lost heart, even during the times when the economy was down.  She continued running her shop and survived the odds.   She greatly influenced me on the value of hard work and taking pride in the worth of tailor-made clothing.

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    How To Develop The Art Of Innovative Thinking

    With the so many information and ideas we get from influencers we watch online, it’s hard to know who or what to follow. Last month, I was into yoga.   This month, I tried traveling and jumping.  Next month, I’m planning on starting a keto diet.   And by the way, I’ve been in and out of some diets before, but none last a week.