The Winning Mental Health Startups In 2020

The health sector nowadays has stepped up big time to break the stigma on mental health. Intertwining science, technology, and medicine, more and more digital mental health startups rose in this arena. Read on to engage with their products and services, depending on your needs. 

Clarigent Health

Some professionals find it challenging to diagnose and treat mental illnesses virtually since it can be challenging to diagnose through telemedicine. Unless they’re taking tests or doing in-depth interviews, it’s difficult to note if they’re undergoing anxiety disorders, major depression, or cognitive problems. 

With Clarigent Health, a US-American Company, accomplishing this task is more manageable than ever. They developed a platform with the foundation of AI and machine learning (ML), which will help detect mental health conditions in its first stages. Basically, it’s a clinical decision support tool. Its goal is to provide the health care professionals with insights regarding suicide ideation and other connected mental health conditions. 



Yes, there are a lot of mental health apps available in the market already. However, what’s lacking with their innovations is the option of personalizing and tailor fitting it with their needs. With Meditopia, you get to do this unique feature. 

Meditopia is a Turkish startup that aims to address mental health problems through a meditation app. It includes instructions for deep breathing, relaxation, and other techniques to combat stress and anxiety. It achieves this by offering personalized meditation sessions. It also banks on the concept of using art to lower stress levels. 

They offer unique bedtime stories that will revolve around mental health illness, stress, and more. They also post various music choices that will help reduce anxiety levels and cope with daily stress. It’s also a way to relax and look for ways to sleep properly. You may even create your playlist so you won’t have to go over it manually every day. 


This startup cause is something that has never been done before. Panion was founded in Malmo, Sweden, in 2018. As of October 2020, it now has 150,000 downloads, 110,000 registered, 4,000 gatherings, and more than 40,000 initiated chats. So what does it do?

It is a search engine that guides you into looking for like-minded people that are near you. Its algorithm relies on searchable and taggable values such as values, experiences, gender, interests, and more. It came up with a matchmaking system that will connect individuals based on similar and overlapping keywords and their primary location. Once you set your preferred basis, you may join live “gatherings” in your area to be able to connect with these people. 


Keep in mind that this does not work like a dating app. Instead, it banks on the idea of looking for a common group of friends that you can hang out with so that you get to address the problem of isolation. It is a way to improve mental well-being. 


Mental health does not only revolve around the brain or emotions. Nutrition and exercise also impact this area. Therefore, if you’re experiencing an imbalance on these two, it will be most likely that it would take a toll on your mental health. Lifesum aims to be your partner of choice in the physical aspect. 

This Swedish health tech startup offers exercises, tracks calorie intake, and provides nutritional information. Once they crunch all of these data, they develop a personalized plan to address your health problems. They help you come up with better food choices and improve your exercising habits. Aside from this, they also provide some reads on the importance of physical health to the mental aspect. 

Sentio Solutions

Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, or more require continuous monitoring and handling of support tools to ensure that they do not get overwhelmed by their own emotions. Simultaneously, this is also essential as it tracks the changes in emotional patterns and habits every day. 

With this in mind, Sentio Solutions, a USA-based company, came up with Feel. It is an emotion-sensing wristband which has an installed app that offers real-time monitoring of the emotional and mental aspect. It also comes up with personalized and tailored interventions for its users. 

Keep in mind that this is not just any ordinary app. It bases its approach on the different evidence-based behavioral techniques such as Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It also integrates the startup’s proprietary emotion recognition technology.



Mood track is essential for those with bipolar disorders and depression. They provide awareness to the individuals and use all of the information for a steadier and more effective recovery process. 

With this in mind, Moodpath, a German startup, came up with their own mental health companion. This app asks daily questions to its users to evaluate their overall well-being. It also has an algorithm where it will be able to screen them and check whether they have depression symptoms. 

After all of these steps, the app generates electronic documents that will serve as the monitoring sheet. Your therapist can use the results here in consultations. 

Smashing the taboo of mental health is complicated and challenging. But with the success stories of all these mental health startups, we can say nothing is impossible. We have to take it one step at a time. 


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