How Entrepreneurs Can Become Motivated

Many employees decide to start their own business. When they were still employees, they had supervisors or managers who would be the ones to specify their deadlines and their goals. These individuals were their motivators. Now that they started their own business, they are now their boss. They now have to motivate themselves. Below are ten tips on how entrepreneurs can become motivated.


Tip #1: Create A Mission Statement For Yourself

Every company has a vision or mission statement. The vision or mission statement describes the fundamental core values, the culture, and the overall goals of the business organization. It is mainly used to specify the direction of the business organization. It is also used to motivate all of the company’s stakeholders. Having your mission statement can do the same thing for you.

You should write down the mission statement. You should carry a copy with you. You should read it regularly. You should memorize it. It is a reminder of the reasons behind your decision to become an entrepreneur. Julie Goldstein, PhD, wrote, “Pinpointing a vision statement and a mission statement requires not only a deep connection to your work, but also creativity. You may find a profound sense of purpose in your new venture, but if you lack the ability to articulate your goals or the ability to put your passion into practice, your business will likely have a difficult time getting off the ground.”


Tip #2: Create A Personal Plan

A business organization’s vision or mission statement is worthless unless a plan is created to carry out the vision or mission. You should also create a plan for yourself both professionally and personally. It should include your goals in the long term and the short term. Unlike the mission statement, it is not necessary to keep a hard copy of your professional and personal plans. Your professional and personal situation will change as time passes, and you will need to adjust your professional and personal plans accordingly. The goal of creating a personal plan is to know what you wish to achieve and how you intend to accomplish this.

Tip #3: Establish A Routine

Motivating yourself is all about starting yourself. Because of this, the new entrepreneur should begin each day with a great routine in the morning. This routine should help the new entrepreneur’s body and mind be focused and alert for the rest of the day. The daily routine each morning should include some time spent in refining and reviewing your plan. Dan Ariely, PhD, wrote, “It’s all about opportunity cost, what you’re giving up. Calendars help us see the opportunity cost of our decisions.”

Tip #4: Allocate Some Personal Time

New entrepreneurs tend to become completely immersed in their business. You must allocate some personal time for yourself each day. You can spend this time to exercise, to meditate or to take a stroll through the park. You can also use this time to develop the habit of drinking water and to eat healthy food.

Tip #5: List Down Reminders

It is usually challenging to stay on track. Create reminders for each of the goals and important tasks you have specified for the day. Use an alarm to remind you of these goals and tasks.

Tip #6: Look Forward To Incentives

Kendra Cherry, MS, wrote, “According to one theory of human motivation, our actions are often inspired by a desire to gain outside reinforcement. The incentive theory is one of the major theories of motivation and suggests that behavior is motivated by a desire for reinforcement or incentives.” People work best when a reward or incentive is involved. Create a reward or an incentive for achieving a task or a goal.

Tip #7: Seek Assistance From Friends Or Pros

Peer pressure is sometimes the ideal motivator. Ask your colleagues and friends to assist you in motivating you as you try to achieve your goals. Similarly, mental health professionals (try BetterHelp) may give you the support and advice that you need.


Tip #8: Look For Inspiration

Sometimes you need to find inspiration elsewhere. You could watch again a movie that inspired you. Or you could watch an inspirational video on YouTube.

Tip #9: Be Positive

Staying positive throughout the day is very important. You could prepare a technique or a routine for times when you are feeling down. You could listen to inspiring music to lift your spirits. Or you could make a cheerful or uplifting mantra that you would chant to yourself.

Tip #10: Get Enough Sleep

Getting sufficient sleep is also very important. It is okay to miss a goal or to leave a task unfinished to get enough sleep. And these goals or tasks will be much easier to achieve after a good night’s rest.

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