Psychologist-Approved Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Take Care Of Their Emotional Health




Building a business has a lot of benefits. You are your own boss, you are doing something that you love, and you work on your own time. It’s quite great to be calling the shots, although it’s also a big responsibility to take. Business is not all pleasure. It does include anxiety, stress, worry, and physical and mental fatigue. Michael A. Freeman, MD, wrote that “that 49 per cent of entrepreneurs will suffer from at least one mental health condition in their lifetime compared to 25 per cent of the general adult population who will struggle with mental health concerns.” That is why it is essential that entrepreneurs must take care of their physical and emotional health. Both of these aspects need attention, as being fit physically and emotionally are vital in becoming a strong leader, an industrious worker, and a happy individual as a whole. Below is a list of psychologist-approved tips on how businessmen and women can remember to take care of their overall health.

Entrepreneurial stress can originate from one’s desire to make money, job conflicts, or from fear of failing (but it can be a result of anything, actually, if you’re an entrepreneur). This is harmful to an entrepreneur’s emotional and physical health, which is why he must find ways to fight it.

Psychologist-Approved Tips

  1. Be Mindful Of Your Emotional Well-Being. Be conscious of your emotions so that you are ready to protect them. If most of your friends think you’re as hard as steel, perhaps it’s time for an emotional check. Emily Griffiths, MA, LPC, wrote, “The more you slow down and experience what you’re feeling and thinking, the more access you have to your intuition, the better decisions you make, the better the flow of your life.”

Be mindful of your mood for the day. Did you wake up feeling peaceful and happy, with only nice things in mind? Or did you feel that you looked grumpy, tired, and depressed? Are you inspired to work today, or do you still feel like a failure, just the way you felt the day before? If so, think of changing your mindset even when you’re still in bed. Fill yourself with positivity by creating fresh ideas in your mind on how to improve your business. When you get an idea of your overall mood for the week, you will get a hint of what you need to do and how to do it right.

  1. Break Away From Your Schedule. If you’ve gotten used to eating pancakes for breakfast and getting a cup of brewed coffee on your break, perhaps you might want to break away from that routine once in a while. As an entrepreneur, good habits are powerful tools for productivity, but small routines can sometimes be a cause for diminishing emotional health. Sherrie Campbell, PhD, wrote, “It is easy to be passionate when you are starting out, but successful entrepreneurs commit to keeping their energy levels high when they hit the inevitable, frustrating roadblocks. To be successful you have to care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”


If you’re used to working in your home office because it’s quiet and hassle-free, it can also ignite feelings of isolation. Try going to the workplace tomorrow, share a space with your employees, and listen to what they have to say. This may remind you that you’re not alone in the business world and you don’t have to do all the work on your own. Get out of that stressful space and get inside a refreshing atmosphere where you can refuel your energy and interest.

  1. Create A Warm And Relaxing Space. If you’re not so much of a creative thinker yourself, you can always scan through the pages of Pinterest and find images of a workspace that would suit your taste. Make it colorful if you think you can focus more on a multicolored office. Place some scented candles, those that can help you focus and relax at the same time. Most of all, keep it clean and organized. A messy space usually clutters the mind too.

Whatever design or style you choose, think of it as something that is a haven for your body, mind, and spirit. This space is where you will spend most of your day so you must create an environment that will positively affect you.

  1. Turn Stressors And Anxieties Into Challenges. This can be difficult to do, but once you try it and succeed at your first attempt, you’ll be sure to emerge stronger and better. Using your weaknesses as weapons for helping you improve as an entrepreneur may be one of the most useful techniques available to you. Maybe these stressors will shake you a bit, and you can allow it. It’s okay to feel bad. But don’t stay down. If you’re feeling like your stress and anxiety levels have hit the rooftop, take a deep breath and back up a few steps so you can see the problem from afar. And then focus on using these negativities to empower yourself.


Also, be sure that you are certain of what you need to do for the rest of the day. You should have a daily to-do list, and by mid-afternoon, you should have crushed most of the things on this list. Commit to do everything that’s on the list, and do it right.

Protecting your emotional health as an entrepreneur is not wrong at all. In fact, you do not need to feel so drained, depressed, and overworked just to prove that you are successful with your business. Confidence, happiness, and efficiency will look great on you!

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