Start A Business Even If You Suffer From Anxiety – You Can Do It!


I have anxiety. I’ve had it for as long as I could remember. But it didn’t stop me from living my life and opening up a business. It went well from its opening up until now, but this year, my anxiety took its toll. It has taken over me and with that, I have to take things slow.

My anxiety is my battlefield; a battle that I don’t intend to lose. I have this high expectation of myself that even I have a hard time coping. Whatever I do, it seems that it’s always not good enough. And because of that anxiety brew inside of me.

It is challenging, and with this, people with anxiety should prepare themselves for business realities. These ideas might help you not get all anxious when some business problems arise.

Ensure Some Safety Net

During the first months of business, the profits don’t come in as much. With all bank debts and payables, a pressure in the family and expectations of myself as well, my anxiety have reached the highest level. Megan Bruneau, MA, wrote, “The ability to envision the future and anticipate job-security is an avenue to this experience of certainty – one less accessible to those of us working for ourselves. Thus we’re susceptible to higher levels of uncertainty, anxiety, and responsibility for what’s truthfully out of our control.” With this, you should have some cash deposited in the bank as your safety net for the first few months. Understand that the business is still finding its ropes in the market and you can’t expect it to fly high right away. I learned this from my business mentor.

Have Some Business Pals

Starting a business can be stressful with all the transactions and preparations involved. With this, you need someone to talk to with your business – someone who is an entrepreneur himself. Do regular meetings with this person, talk to him and ease up. In this setup, you can learn from the other entrepreneur who is more knowledgeable than you, and you can also relax, at the same time. Lauren Hazzouri, PsyD, wrote, “I suggest that entrepreneurs work in community spaces, such as WeWork, The Riveter and The Wing (or a local one in your city). Even without significant engagement with those around us, being in the company of others often feels better than being alone, day in, day out. We need each other to feel good.”


Get An Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is a person whom you will be accountable for with all your actions in regards to the business. He will help you with the operations of the business and on getting your expectations and goals done.

Find A Business Coach

To avoid the stress bought by thinking about the business, get a business coach instead. This coach will help you think and will make some suggestions that will do good for your business. With this, the business brainstorming part would not be hard on you already.

Hire A Team

Businesses, especially when it is still on the startup stage, needs a lot of preparation. To get away from the stress, you can hire a team to do the preparation work for you. This may cost you some money, but it will save you from getting stressed out and get the result you wanted.

Keep A Journal

To release the stress within you, you can jot down your innermost feelings in a journal. Write everything down so that you won’t build any negative vibes.

Let Go

In businesses, glitches are unavoidable. Some issues are tolerable while some can be frustrating. But for people with anxiety, it is best that you set aside your personal feelings. In other words, don’t take things personally. If things can be fixed within your capability, do it. If not, then, don’t pressure yourself. Just let it go. Your well-being is more important than anything else.

Imposter Syndrome

Don’t let social media posts get to you, especially the social media account of your competitors. Note that people only post good things in their accounts to attract likers or even intimidate their competitors. Also, note that some would fabricate some facts just to get the audience reaction they want. Ethan Kross, PhD, wrote, “On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection. But rather than enhance well-being, we found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result—it undermines it.”


Meet People

Instead of hiding behind promotional stints, meet other people. Mingle and socialize. This will not only do good for your business but to yourself as well.

Stay Away From Negative People

One of the reasons that can trigger anxiety is negative people. With this, it is best to avoid or stay away from them for good. They can only pull you down to the ground instead of helping you rise. Surround yourself with people who can bring positive energy into you.

Get Out

For people who work from home, it is suggested that you go out as often as you can. This way you get to have a new and bright perspective other than the things that you do at home.

Don’t Let Anxiety Ruin You

Don’t make anxiety as your excuse to stay away from the business. Fight it off instead and do something that will keep you busy that interests you – a business. If you need mental assistance, you can seek BetterHelp psychologists. Alternatively, you go against what your anxiety is telling you. Do the exact opposite. “Show” your anxiety that you’re the boss, of your mind and your business.

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