The 2014 Las Vegas Startup Business Conference

Attending the 2014 Las Vegas startup business conference was one of the things that I will never regret doing in my professional life. I was still a new college graduate when I decided to purchase a registration ticket for the said event. The truth is that I wanted to become a successful woman in the future. I do not want to become an employee but rather the boss of my own company.

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With this kind of mindset, I showed up for the conference and met several people who wanted the same thing that I want. I got lucky to meet individuals who inspired me to follow my dreams and never to allow other people to bring me down. During the said conference, I also learned a lot of tips from the speakers. Below are some of them:


  1. Starting a business requires time and effort, which is why there is a necessity to come up with a feasibility study first. Success does not happen overnight.
  2. Setbacks or failures are only normal, especially for someone who is still new to the industry. Sometimes, taking risks is part of the game.
  3. Choosing a business partner is not an easy thing to do. It requires a deliberate process to follow to ensure that nothing will go wrong.
  4. The total amount of capital available must be determined before choosing to build a start-up company.
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I used all the things I learned from the conference for my gain. I reminded myself that I have the potential to succeed. It was not an easy thing for me to decide on building my firm. There were many doubts and questions in the beginning, but I survived all of them. It has become possible because of the support of the important people in my life.


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