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My mother was one of the best bespoke tailors in our town, and she hated it when RTW started to boom and claimed its place in the market.  But she never lost heart, even during the times when the economy was down.  She continued running her shop and survived the odds.


She greatly influenced me on the value of hard work and taking pride in the worth of tailor-made clothing.

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At a young age of six, she taught me how to hem the right way with the correct measurement, counting each stitch, which I thought back then was taking me forever.   But as I grow old, I came to appreciate how important it is to do it the first time.


My mom has taught me and guided me well.  Now, I’m creating clothes made personally for customers who find my creation, not just unique but fits their taste and body well.


As a small entrepreneur like myself, joining trade shows can help you position your brand on the market.  I join trade shows to bring my creation to people and make them aware that my shop exists.


Here’s how I set up my booth and advertise my clothes through trade shows.


Set Up

How your booth will be set up will dictate how many will be tempted to come in and check your items.  I think and plan out intricately the design for my booth.  Often, it would depend on the theme of clothes I would want to put on display.


Before the show, I make sure that all supplies and materials I will be needing are complete and packed properly.  It’s hard when you missed out on things that are important, so it’s essential to make a checklist.  Don’t forget to carry a toolbox; you’ll never know what you’ll need when setting up your booth.

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Design And Background

Make your design clean and simple.  Have a clear concept of the theme or the message you want to impart to those who will visit your booth.  Sometimes, keeping your backdrop simple is the key.  When too much is going on with your design, customers might get confused.  Focus on your brand when deciding on the design you want.   Be sure that your product will stand out from the many others that are there in the trade show.


Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is essential to make your product stand out.  Some organizers provide lights and would charge you for an additional fee; others don’t.  You have to provide for your own lightings.   Be sure to know these details.  Don’t let bad lighting ruin your potential to attract probable customers.


Have Your Staff Ready Anytime

Managing a booth in a tradeshow alone is tiring and stressful as it may require you to be there whole day long.  I’m telling you, it will drain even the last drop of energy in your body.  Have a support staff so you can have time to rest because you need to be at your best all the time to work with customers efficiently.

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Do Your Assignment

Research on the past statistics of the trade show you are joining.   The type of buyers that will come and stores that will also put on product displays will help you determine what kind of stuff you would put on your booth, and what type of competition is waiting for you.


The weather and location are significant factors you should consider to help you prepare for whatever is coming.


Many unexpected things happen during a trade show.  Don’t be discouraged when situations don’t favor you.  Focus on your audience and the fact that you were able to let your brand known.  Learn from this experience and listen to all the feedback (positive and negative) for both can help you improve your product or your business.

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