How To Develop The Art Of Innovative Thinking

With the so many information and ideas we get from influencers we watch online, it’s hard to know who or what to follow.

Last month, I was into yoga.   This month, I tried traveling and jumping.  Next month, I’m planning on starting a keto diet.   And by the way, I’ve been in and out of some diets before, but none last a week.


What Is Innovation? 

Innovation, as defined by business, is the process of turning an idea (or invention) into a good (commodities or service) that creates something of value which your customers will pay for.


With the fast-phased world we live in and the so many changes that are happening, for you to actively take part in the competition as an entrepreneur, you must develop an innovative mindset.  Having a creative mindset will allow you to

“To encourage innovation, leaders need to stop relying on old ways and become forward-thinkers in an ever-changing world,” Jeff DeGraff Ph.D. explains.

How To Develop This Innovative Mindset

Many tips and techniques have been posted which you can read online or watch on YouTube.  Some have five, eight, or more steps to develop the art of innovative thinking.  Each one is proven effective and has been used by those who were ahead of us.  It doesn’t matter how many tips are there, what’s important is your willingness and patience to practice them to ignite your creative mind until you develop the habit, not giving up even before you start. But Zorana Ivcevic Pringle Ph.D. reminds that, “Creativity is much broader than coming up with ideas.”


Take The Courage To Act On Your Curiosity

Babies and toddlers are the most curious because they are just about to start to explore and learn things.  They fall, got wounded, and hurt because of that curiosity that drives them to do things with so much courage.


That same curiosity is what entrepreneurs possess to stay on the cutting edge.  They are in thirst of new ideas that they keep on seeking, experimenting on them, and putting them into good use, not fearing to fail for they believe that in their failure, there’s always a lesson learned.


The more innovative you are, the more your competitors feel intimidated.


Take Time To Engage

Share and exchange ideas with the same mindset as yours.  Getting into (healthy or heated) debate is possible, but this is where great ideas often crop up.


Everybody has opinions on your product, listen to them all.  But it is your paying customers’ opinion that should matter first to you.


Change is good, although some say not all the time.   Some of your customers may like it; others may resist.  Success is not just about being innovative in changing your product’s quality, but how you will engage with your customers and letting them join making this move.


Take The Road Less Traveled

The road to innovation is often the path to the unknown, the steep rocky mountain, the road not many choose to take.  Many fears risk and feel uncomfortable that they don’t want to travel that path.  Well, if it’s an easy road, all would have taken that route.


Take the courage to be one of the few.  Don’t put a limit to yourself, explore all possibilities and overcome the roadblocks.  See how your good ideas give birth to new brighter ideas.


Don’t let the chance pass you by.   Take it before it disappears, especially the opportunity to educate yourself and be an expert in the industry.


Creativity Comes With Understanding

Failure to understand your customers wants and needs can wipe your brand name out of the marketplace.


Today, we can see almost every single thing we need in the online stores and the physical store shelves.  Understanding what more your customers need with the changes that had happened in their lives as the years passed by can help you come up with a new idea that could sell.   Thinking and tracking past purchases and the present can spur creative ideas you can incorporate in developing your product.


It’s your innovative mindset that will lead your team to be open and embracing to changes, formulating new ideas, and forming a creative environment; to build good relationships with everyone, and be productive altogether.  Mark Batey Ph.D. points out that, “It is innovation and creativity that enable the development of new ways of working that ensure profitability.


Now, are you ready to put up your business on the breeding grounds of innovation?

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